• 12. - 15. May 2020
  • Messe Wien

Download promotional aids

Select the best promotional aids for your requirements:
> Neutral banner: full size / half size (468x60 / 234x60)
> Expo logos

Neutral banner: full size / half size (468x60 / 234x60)

To integrate the full size banner into your website copy the source code below into the HTML code of your website:

IT20 200x60px Banner detail view(gif 11 kB)
IT20 300x1050px Banner detail view(jpg 237 kB)
IT20 300x250px Banner detail view(jpg 99 kB)
IT20 300x600px Banner detail view(jpg 176 kB)
IT20 468x60px Banner Standnr detail view(jpg 37 kB)
IT20 728x90px Banner1 detail view(jpg 88 kB)
IT20 728x90px Banner2 detail view(jpg 99 kB)
IT20 970x250px Banner detail view(jpg 204 kB)
IT20 970x90px Banner detail view(jpg 110 kB)

Expo logos

There are several logo formats are available for printed formats, advertising materials, ads etc.:

Logo Intertool 4c eps detail view (zip 229 kB)
Logo Intertool 4c jpg detail view (zip 530 kB)
Logo Intertool rgb detail view (jpg 40 kB)